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Athletic Training AED & Rehab Equipment

In the last few years we have seen great growth and professional development in the Athletic Training Department at Concordia. We pride ourselves in offering high quality care, with personalized whole-person treatment. Amid this growth we continue to seek to improve our care and specifically our emergency preparedness. One of our biggest needs in Athletic Training is for additional portable Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), in order to reduce response time to cardiac emergencies.

AEDs are an integral part of cardiac emergency care. Only 5.2% of cardiac arrests that occur outside of a hospital (i.e. at a school or in the community) survive. The use of AEDs drastically improves that survival rate.

  • Immediate CPR with an AED can more than double a victim’s chance of survival. 

  • Early defibrillation along with CPR is the only way to restore the victim’s normal heart rhythm in a lot of cardiac arrest cases.

  • For every minute that passes without CPR and AED, the chances of survival decrease by 7-10%.

  • Communities with comprehensive AED programs that include CPR and AED training for rescuers have achieved survival rates of nearly 40% for cardiac arrest victims.

While Concordia has wall mounted AEDs all across campus, our Athletic Training Department currently has one portable AED. We provide coverage for 23 sports at 5 on-campus venues and 3 off-site venues. Ideally, we would like to have a total of 3 portable AEDs to more thoroughly cover events and have a more time effective Emergency Action Plan. 

In addition to the AEDs, we would like to continue to offer the latest in rehab technology to our student-athletes. We are proud to be a clinic that provides quality in-house rehab. This is not only time saving for our student-athletes, but also cost effective for them. It also allows our staff to build strong trust relationships and personalize our student-athletes’ care.


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