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The Concordia Tennis program is made up of talented, hard working, motivated student athletes who strive for greatness in the classroom and on the tennis court. We are incredibly fortunate and blessed to receive a generous budget for our operations, which allows us to run a high level college tennis program and develop our athletes into the best tennis players they can be. However, our budget will not cover all of our travel, facility, and equipment needs so we are reaching out to our family, friends, and alumni for help.

Travel: The Concordia Tennis program has scheduled a trip to Northern California this upcoming season to play a series of matches against top teams in the PacWest conference. This will be a great opportunity for our programs to move up in the rankings and get them one step closer to the NCAA National Tournament. 

Facility: Concordia Tennis is fortunate enough to have 4 courts on campus which are used daily for practice, conditioning, and occasional matches. Unfortunately, the courts have deteriorated to the point where they have become impossible to use for matches and are becoming increasingly more difficult to even practice on due to the cracks, potholes, and other surface issues. 

Equipment: With the transition from NAIA to NCAA Division 2, achieving peak physical condition is essential to competing on an even playing field with the best teams in our conference and in the nation. With our fundraising, the Concordia Tennis Program would like to purchase equipment currently unavailable to the program such as medicine balls, kettle bells, and resistance bands. 

It is our hope that with the help of our friends, family, and alumni coming together, we can achieve our fundraising goal and help give our athletes the amazing experience they deserve!

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