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Campus Safety Ham Radio Project
Concordia’s emergency preparedness program

The Campus Safety Department at Concordia Irvine is seeking donations in order to purchase two short wave radios, (often referred to as Ham Radios).  The radios will serve as part of Concordia’s emergency preparedness program in augmenting communications during a disaster. Ham radios have been used as the last operable communication during many major disasters. During Hurricane Sandy—when landlines and cell phones were left out of commission throughout New York and New Jersey, Ham radios and their operators were a valued resource in disaster response.

Concordia’s Campus Safety Department plans on developing a Ham Radio club that will involve students and staff who will be trained on Ham Radio emergency response applications. In the event of a disaster such as an earthquake they will become a valuable resource in helping the campus community.

Thank you for your consideration in being a partner in campus safety at Concordia University Irvine. 

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